Cinematographic Elements

- "Yonder" village

- Copy and paste green house with black tile

- Community with the same layout

- Surprisingly clean form
- Cloud like clouds
- Empty streets
- Screams of children

- Young couple Tom and Gemma

- Housing agent Martin



The baby had grown up to a six- or seven-years old children within ninety-eight days. The child's behavior is very strange. Tom regard children as a monster. A little boy's language (experimental communication with television) is incomprehensible to humans.



At the end of the film, Gemma finds that the scenes in several dimensions are the same, which tells the audience that everyone who buys a house is living a mechanical life just like them day by day, year by year.  



The director has successfully repositioned the word "spooky", with its plot, atmosphere, acting, music, logic, editing and even the "little bit" of climax at the end all delivering an eerie bizarreness.